If you are scrambling around today, trying to find the perfect Easter gifts to give to your loved ones tomorrow, pop into San Churros.

They have you covered with Truffle Egg Trios, Choc Cross Buns, Chocolate Eggs, and Laughing Chocolate Bunnies in two sizes.

That 1kg bunny is huge!

And the Choc Cross Buns – nomilicious! They come in a pack of nine so you can share. Or not.

Happy Easter! xx



Keep reading for a special offer from Relish Candles!

It’s no secret that I love candles.

Especially yummy scented ones in beautiful jars and containers.

I have a few friends that make yummy scented ones but this time I wanted to tell you all about Relish Candles, owned by my friend Simone.

Relish Candles offers Soy Candles and Soy Melts to fill your home with luxurious aromas at an affordable price.

They can be made to your specific requirements so if you like a highly scented soy candle or soy melt or prefer a lightly scented one, your needs are catered for.

Using Soy wax that is all natural, biodegradable and made from soybeans that are domestically grown and not genetically modified, and wicks that are made from natural fibres and contain no lead, Relish Candles Soy Candles and Soy Melts make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays or just because.

And if you have a special event or occasion, Relish Candles can make custom labels for your Soy Candles and Soy Melts to suit the occasion.

I was sent a variety of candles and soy melts in different fragrances and have been burning them in Chez Gray over the last few weeks. There is nothing I like doing more than coming home from work, lighting a candle and devouring the yummy fragrance.

My absolute favourite fragrance is vanilla. I always have vanilla candles in my home and often move my favourites from room to room. Even if it’s just to pick it up and sniff it while it is unlit. I find the aroma relaxing.

Another new favourite is the butterscotch schnapps. It smells divine!

Just take a moment to appreciate the fragrances available. Aromas like strawberry shortcake, apple and cinnamon, espresso, Australian sandalwood, marshmallow, raspberry and violet and pomelo grapefruit. Don’t they all sound delicious?!

And they burn for hours. The medium sized tumbler burns for 30+ hours while the larger tumbler burns for 45+ hours.

I did notice that when burning one of the candles, that there was a little black smoke but after speaking to Simone about it, she asked me if I had trimmed the wick.

Um, nope. And I had totally ignored the care sheet that she had kindly sent with the candles. If I HAD read the instructions, I would have learned that I should trim the wick before each lighting. Because Soy Candle Wax melts at a lower temperature, and the type of wick required, a carbon mushroom can form on the top of the wick. The carbon mushroom from the top of the wick needs to be removed before lighting. This will help prevent soot from building up on the sides of the container.

You can find out how to care for your Relish Candles Soy Candles and Soy Melts here.


***********SPECIAL OFFER: Relish Candles is offering 25% off for Tina Gray {dot} Me readers from today until 1st May. To take advantage of the discount,  just enter TGDM25 at checkout***********


I asked Monnie a few questions so you can learn more about her and Relish Candles and this is what she said:

What’s the story behind Relish Candles? When did you start it? Why?

Relish Candles was started from a passion to try new things. I was fed up with paying the high prices of some candle companies and not feeling that I was getting what I was paying for in terms of scent and sometimes quality.

I searched the internet for candle making kits and came across a company that was Sydney based. I made the kit at home and realized how much I loved making them so I ordered more product to try a few different fragrances. It was coming up to Christmas 2012 and thought I would like to offer my clients in my beauty salon something extra on top of the services I already gave them. And that is where it took off. I sold out of everything I made in a matter of days and even had clients come back for more.

What is your favourite scent and why?

My favourite scent would have to be Butterscotch schnapps. I was experimenting with blending scents and realized how beautiful it was. Strong but not over powering.

It is now my best selling candle.

Where can people buy from you?

You can currently purchase online at www.relishcandles.com.au

Or at Pampered Beauty in Sylvania, NSW.

You can also find Relish Candles on Facebook and Instagram.


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I hold grudges.

I stew on things for longer than they deserve to be in my head.

And I find that it is easy for me to go from happy to going psycho on someone’s ass in 0.024 seconds.

I don’t know why I let things get to me.

Especially things that I have no control over and can’t change.

It’s a bad trait.

And something that I consciously need to work on.





It’s been a while since I blogged. I’ve opened up a blank Word Doc a heap of times with the intention of spewing out some words – mainly to show that I was still alive and kicking.

But I closed it just as quick as I opened it because the blinking cursor just sat there blinking, mocking me as if it knew that I really didn’t have anything exciting to blog about I was about to blog for the hell of blogging.

I wish I could say share some exciting excuse as to why I haven’t been blogging, but the truth of the matter is that I have nothing.

So I have been doing other things.

Instead of blogging, I have been learning to crochet.

Instead of blogging, I have been rearranging rooms in Chez Gray so Giorgia and Annabelle have their own bedrooms, now that Mads and Joel have moved out. Again.

Instead of blogging, I have been culling like a mad woman because we still have too much “stuff” and not enough storage to keep that stuff organised.

Instead of blogging, I have been giving our bedroom a bit of a makeover because I’m craving a haven for just me and Bill.

Instead of blogging, I have been trying to organise a girls day out for me, Tiesha and Mads.

Instead of blogging, I have been planning a weekend away for Bill’s birthday later this month.

Instead of blogging, I have been working. Need a new mattress? Come see me.

Instead of blogging, I have been spending more time on Pinterest and Instagram.

Instead of blogging, I have been working on our Project Life album.

Instead of blogging, I have been wedding planning with Mads.

Instead of blogging, I have been spending time with my own head. It’s a bit of a scary place to be right now.

Instead of blogging, I have been not doing that much but feeling like I have been busy.


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