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I hold grudges.

I stew on things for longer than they deserve to be in my head.

And I find that it is easy for me to go from happy to going psycho on someone’s ass in 0.024 seconds.

I don’t know why I let things get to me.

Especially things that I have no control over and can’t change.

It’s a bad trait.

And something that I consciously need to work on.





It’s been a while since I blogged. I’ve opened up a blank Word Doc a heap of times with the intention of spewing out some words – mainly to show that I was still alive and kicking.

But I closed it just as quick as I opened it because the blinking cursor just sat there blinking, mocking me as if it knew that I really didn’t have anything exciting to blog about I was about to blog for the hell of blogging.

I wish I could say share some exciting excuse as to why I haven’t been blogging, but the truth of the matter is that I have nothing.

So I have been doing other things.

Instead of blogging, I have been learning to crochet.

Instead of blogging, I have been rearranging rooms in Chez Gray so Giorgia and Annabelle have their own bedrooms, now that Mads and Joel have moved out. Again.

Instead of blogging, I have been culling like a mad woman because we still have too much “stuff” and not enough storage to keep that stuff organised.

Instead of blogging, I have been giving our bedroom a bit of a makeover because I’m craving a haven for just me and Bill.

Instead of blogging, I have been trying to organise a girls day out for me, Tiesha and Mads.

Instead of blogging, I have been planning a weekend away for Bill’s birthday later this month.

Instead of blogging, I have been working. Need a new mattress? Come see me.

Instead of blogging, I have been spending more time on Pinterest and Instagram.

Instead of blogging, I have been working on our Project Life album.

Instead of blogging, I have been wedding planning with Mads.

Instead of blogging, I have been spending time with my own head. It’s a bit of a scary place to be right now.

Instead of blogging, I have been not doing that much but feeling like I have been busy.



This is not a sponsored post.




So there is this gorgeous young lady that I know who creates magic with make up brushes.

I met Kat through my daughter Tiesha.

Tiesha often lends her face to Kat.

Her before and after photos are stunning as are the rest of Kat’s models on the Kat Quinn – Make up artist Facebook page.

So it was an obvious decision to ask Kat to do our makeup for us for Tiesha’s Disney themed 21st birthday party.


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I umm’d and ahh’d about even posting this on my blog but I figure that by sharing it here, it will reach more people than I could possibly do on my own. So here it is.

I’m looking for extra work.

I am only working casually at the bedding store. I started back in September 2013 and working casually suited me fine because I was still getting some freelance work and occasional sponsored posts here on TGDM.

But our circumstances have changed and to cut to the chase, I need to earn more money.

I can blog for you.

I can run your social media channels.

I can proofread, do some editing, some data entry.

I have retail skills.

I am based in Wollongong but I am willing to commute.

I’m open to trying something new.

I’m a fast learner.

I give 100% effort, I’m reliable and I work well with others.

If you, or someone you know may be looking to hire someone, point them in my direction.

I will be eternally grateful.

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