When I was recently contacted to see if I would be interested in reviewing Photobox, I had considered saying no because we haven’t had a nice family portrait done in such a long time and it’s such an effort to try and organise everyone to be available seeing as three of my children are adults and are busy and two of them live out of home now.

But I said yes to doing the review.

Because I had a space on a wall in the hallway that I have considered getting a couple of canvases for. Not family photos. But of a couple of photos that I took at the Wollongong Botanical Gardens a little while ago.

Ordering via the Photobox site is easy. You register. Choose what product you want to order. Upload your photo. And that’s it.

It only took just under two weeks for my canvases to arrive and they look terrific. The canvases were wrapped in bubble wrap so they didn’t get damaged in transit. The photos are crisp and the canvases are of good quality.

And they look awesome hanging in my hallway.

Love them!

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This content has been created as part of my involvement in the Microsoft Connections Program.

So, for the last few months I have been using a Nokia Lumia 925 mobile phone.

Which is a Windows phone. I’ll admit. I was very skeptical about it at first. I don’t like change and I was already used to all of my favourite apps on my old.

My biggest issue with my new Windows phone was that some of my favourite apps were not available in the Windows store. But after some searching I was able to find ones that were similar, if not better in my opinion.

A Beautiful Mess – THE biggest turning point from me not liking to loving this Windows phone was discovering that A Beautiful Mess app was available through the Windows store. It is my absolute favourite app to use and if I wasn’t able to use it on my Nokia phone, the Nokia phone was going to have to be ditched. But it’s available. And I’m a happy camper.

Nokia Camera – The Nokia Camera app does good photos. It gives me the option of using it like a normal camera where I can play around with the ISO and lighting and stuff or I can just stick it on auto and let it do its thing. AND there are tutorials right on my phone to help me make the most of it.

6TAG – this is a third party app that allows me to access Instagram. The actual Instagram app in the Windows store is still in beta (at the time this post was written). 6TAG works exactly like the Instagram app, allowing me to load photos, add filters, share to my social media platforms, (heart) photos, leave comments and follow new people. I still can’t believe it took me so long to learn that you can now send photos privately (like a direct message on Twitter). Cool option.

Pandora – instead of creating playlists to play music at the parties we host, we use the Pandora app. All you need to do is type in the type of music you want and it will play continuously those types of songs. Came in handy for my daughter’s Disney themed birthday party when we wanted to play Disney music.

Text N Walk – I’ll admit that I am one of those people that sometimes has my nose in my phone while I am walking. I have been known to tell Bill to link arms with me while we’re walking through the shopping centre because I can’t stop and text someone back so I keep walking and texting while Bill makes sure that I don’t walk into anyone or into a pole or something. This Text N Walk app is AMAZE. It opens up your camera so while you are texting, you can see where you are walking while you are texting. Cool?

6snap – this is a third party app for Snap Chat. It’s easy to use and a great way to quickly share little videos and photos with friends. I don’t use it all the time but it’s seems to be popular with the teenagers. It’s not so amusing when those teenagers work out that they can annoy you by sending silly photos every few minutes.

Momento – I really like using photo apps that make it easy to add details about the photo. You can add the date and time, themed captions, frames and filters to your photos. I have just started using this app to help with documenting my photos that I print out for my Project Life album.

Instaweather Pro – This is another app that is great for scrapbookers. You just take a photo and add the weather details, date and caption and you’ll be able to remember when and where that photo was taken. It’s been one of my favourites for quite a while.

Do you have a Windows phone?
Do you use any of these apps on your phone?
Care to share what your absolute favourite app is?

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So there is this gorgeous young lady that I know who creates magic with make up brushes.

I met Kat through my daughter Tiesha.

Tiesha often lends her face to Kat.

Her before and after photos are stunning as are the rest of Kat’s models on the Kat Quinn – Make up artist Facebook page.

So it was an obvious decision to ask Kat to do our makeup for us for Tiesha’s Disney themed 21st birthday party.


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We have survived birthday week for another year.

This one was a big one. The week before birthday week, we celebrated Madeline and Joel’s engagement and this week we celebrated Annabelle’s 7th birthday, Tiesha’s 21st birthday and William’s 22nd birthday.

A huge sigh of relief that the birthday boy and girls had lovely birthdays.

And note to self – I know you thought you were organised but you should probably start a little earlier for next year.

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